Audit ID Asset Checker

Audit ID Asset Checker

Designed for Asset Finance Lenders to manage their portfolio of assets and mitigate risks of double funding the Audit ID Asset Checker uses microchip technology combined with the market-leading Audit ID DataShare software.

We have a team of 300 trained field agents to microchip, photograph, document and record the assets along with a team of 15 highly experienced and qualified financial auditors to perform routine and periodic financial analysis and examinations to ensure the security of the lend.

Tamper Proof Chip with Asset register Database

  1. All assets included within the lend to have a tamper-proof chip fitted
  2. The asset will be recorded on a central database with the details of the lend and lender
  3. A scanner can read the microchip to see if there is any outstanding lend against it and who with
  4. The database can be checked before any lend from new lenders
  5. Microchip also records the location of the asset and relays it back to the central Audit ID DataShare Database
  6. Any attempt to remove the microchip provokes an alert on the Audit ID DataShare Database (monitored by Audit ID)

Accounts Audit

  1. Audit ID DataShare software can upload prospect/clients’ accounts allowing us to review the balance sheet and TB for loans
  2. DataShare also has direct bank feed extraction, which enables review of large receipts to identify any additional loans and review payments out for loan repayments

Physical Check

  1. Audit ID operatives to perform periodic and on-demand physical checks to ensure the asset is still in good order

Fee Structure

  1. Charge per microchip fitting
  2. Monthly subscription to the monitoring database
  3. Additional fee for initial and periodic “Audit ID DataShare” connection to monitor cash transactions and company loans in the accounts
Audit ID Asset Checker

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