Asset Based Lending

Asset Based Lending

Enable your clients to grow with the right funding, be that for them to have more liquidity or to grow through new business opportunities. When making a decision about whether to lend clients funding against their assets, we need to be confident that we are making the right decision. Understanding how and when to do this is key to getting it right: that’s where we come in.

Asset Based Lending is another key area that Audit ID works on, including asset classes like receivables, inventory, plant and machinery, locked-in future cashflow and property.

Vital funds can often be tied up in a range of assets. Asset-Based Lending enables a business to release cash to fund expansion, management buyouts (or buy-ins), or even to meet daily cash flow requirements, restructure the business, or plan for seasonal fluctuations. We help clients, like you, to reduce risk and choose the companies who are most suitable for this funding stream by working on the due diligence and analysis of suitability for this service. The processes we use and the expertise we have gained over our long history in the sector mean you can be confident that we are providing you with the best information possible to make these decisions.

Our experienced team of auditors are on hand at short notice to gather the information you need, with the depth and precision that you need. We are flexible and reliable to give you the peace of mind you need to know that your risk is minimal.

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